Siken Diet, What Side Effects Occur?

Siken Diet is a protein diet, that through your eating plan that promises to lose weight quickly. This diet, like other, causing ketosis, a natural process that must be taken into account when knowing what side effects this diet.

Cheese and Milk

The proposed weight loss plan diet Siken takes into account the age of those who want to lose weight. Each plan has different stages that have a duration, during which you lose a certain amount of kilos. Another feature that presents is that this protein diet, including consumption of own products that were specially made for losing weight.

While the results are very promising, also you need to be informed about what the possible side effects that could occur, such as the effects related to the process of ketosis.

Ketosis is a natural process that the body produces when you must get energy from fats deposited in the body. Generally this is associated with diets high in protein and carbohydrate restricted as Siken diet in which fat cells taken from adipose tissue, as they have no where hydrates available for energy.

While ketosis is a normal response during fasting or lack of carbohydrates for energy where it is also a process that can bring side effects on health.

What side effects could result Siken diet?

The side effects that could result would be the same Siken diet than other diets proteinadas. In some people, consumption of excessive protein diet can lead to constipation, kidney stones, liver problems, hyperuricemia, nausea, fatigue and physical fatigue, muscle weakness, bad breath, low blood pressure and high cholesterol, hair, skin and nail disorders, complications cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Although the protein diets, such as diet Siken, can achieve positive results for weight loss, it is important to be controlled by a physician, who must be aware of your progress in losing weight, preventing some of the possible side effects.

Remember, balanced diets are the healthiest diets to lose weight. Therefore, when you lose weight into account not only quick results, but also healthy and effective.


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