7 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Losing Weight

Stress OutWould not it be great to know how to lose weight in a nice stress free. To achieve that you have put on a little ‘weight, but all you have to do is Step 1, 2 and 3 and you will be back to the weight you are happier.

In an ideal world this is probably how it could happen, but despite how technology is ahead in today’s world, when it comes to the human mind and how to lose extra weight in a stress Easy Free can be difficult for a lot of us.

What I want you to look at, is changing how you think about food and the real reason why we need to eat. See if you can be brutally honest with yourself as to why you overeat. If you enjoy the food that is great, nothing wrong with that, but that does not mean you should over eat. If you do not deal with why you overeat, you will not benefit from the tips below. Even if you just implement a Tip, this is the way to start. So let us see what 1 or 2 or more Tips You can slot in your lifestyle.

Tip 1:. Each time you go to eat something, count to 10 and ask yourself WHY ‘you’re eating this food item, and give yourself one honest answer. Try and work out what your triggers are. The tendency is to reach out for food when we are angry, happy or sad, stressed or lonely. Eating these time affects only make you feel worse. You need to recognize when you eat for reasons other than just hunger.

Tip 2 Do not be a slave to your scale. As a Personal Trainer I’ve seen people come into the gym day after day and get on the scale, and that probably will not include the amount of times that stand on their own scale at home. Your weight fluctuates every day within a pound or two so you are just setting yourself up for disappointment yourself if you weigh in every day. Set a day and time every week weigh yourself and put the scale away for the rest of the week

Tip 3 Do not make drastic changes all at once. Your body works best when there is consistency. Reduce your intake of food and improve the quality of your food will give you long term results better than going on a long diet that deprives you of food or wants you to eat food you do not enjoy.

Tip 4 Drink a glass of water before eating anything, even if it is a bag of chips. If like me you struggle to drink glasses and glasses of water, put a small amount of juice to flavor. In this way you increase your intake of fluid that makes your liver and other organs work better and you feel full so you are less likely to eat as much as you were going to.

Tip 5 Exercise. I know this is not always a hint of folk, but there must be some form of exercise that you can enjoy. Walking up and down stairs. Keep your sink or on the stair railing and make 2 x 8 squats. Cardio is good, but also exercise in which you are working muscle, such as squats, you will burn fat and tone your body up as a bonus.

Tip 6 Write a menu or simply make a list of what you are going to eat for that day / week. It does not have to be exact. But if you have one idea in your mind, you will have the food in the house and be less likely to grab junk food ready to go. I found that this worked well for me, otherwise I use to get home and find nothing interesting to eat so either skip a meal or fill up on cookies.

Tip 7 Take. This is a much more positive than “having makeup days” losing weight is about understanding why you overeat and eat quality food as opposed to junk food. To have dessert, or a piece of chocolate, it should not make you feel guilty if that is what you like. Therefore, the occasional Treat when you have reached a target will be one way of giving you continued motivation to continue to make progress and also satisfy that craving for something sweet.


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